Business Plan
There are a number of key factors were considered prior to formulating the business plans of G-FRP. Briefly such plans were considered for the following areas:-

• Market opportunity, industry attractiveness and competition. 
• The company’s resources, technology expertise, plant and machinery, financial Backing and manpower.
• Performances, aspirations and visions of The Board of Directors, Shareholders as well as its Employees.

Accordingly, based on the above, G-FRP’s long term business objectives would include The following:-

 To equip and upgrade all facilities through research and  development, which include owning numerous factory premises, state of the art (technology advanced) plant and machinery and a competent staff force be it at production, operational or administrative levels to increase further the company’s productivity levels.

 Expansion of market share to overseas, especially, ASEAN region, third world Countries and accordingly diversification of business activities towards property Development and others.

 Acquisition or merger with other identified corporate, which contributes synergy.

 To eventually bring it to a level where G-FRP Venture Marketing Sdn Bhd would be listed on the KUALA LUMPUR STOCK EXCHANGE.

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