About Us
G-FRP Venture Marketing Sdn Bhd founded in 2000 has a group of innovative professional team with more than sixty-five(65) years combined experienced in the Plastics and GRP/FRP Manufacturing & Fabrication Industries.


G-FRP has the expertise to combine the benefits associated with fiberglass reinforced & non-reinforced polyester, metal and wood in order to manufacture products specific to customer need.

Technology and Manufacturing Process:

From one off custom moulding by handlay process to filament winding process G-FRP has the technical know how and facilities to create pieces of extraordinary beauty to satisfy most requirement and even exceeding customers expectations for quality, services value and innovation.
Capabilities and Finishing:

Concept Design, Prototype, Engineering, Manufacturing of Custom Product that meet a wide spectrum of structural and aesthetic considerations for construction, industrial, marine, automotive, oil & gas, agriculture and aquaculture applications, Variety of assembly can be performed to achieve the designed performance, durability, shape and accuracy. Whatever the job requires whether simple or complex, and in whatever production you need, G-FRP can satisfy your requirements. The finishing on all composite parts manufactured by G-FRP is able to match the colour, texture and special effects of the customer needs.
Product & Services:

a. Building Structures & Architectural Products –
Columns, canopies, fascias, domes, kiosks, sculptures, wall panel, fountains , flower pots, road signboards, water landscapes, long baths, shower tray, vanity tops, water tubs, table & chair, construction waste disposal chute and etc.

b. Industrial, Marine, Automotive, Oil & Gas and Agriculture & Aquaculture –
Scrubbers, ductings, clarifiers, sludge, abrasion, diesel, speed yachts, bumpers, chemical tanks, lining , grease interceptor, fish tank / floats / pontoons and etc.

c. M & E Products –
FRP / GRP Sectional Tank, HDG Press Steel Tanks, FRP / GRP Cylindrical Closed Top Tanks, OSD Tank, Lifts, Fire tank, expansion / make-up tank, FRP Sewerage Treatment Plant, FRP Filtration Tqank and etc.
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